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At STM we're a small, nimble and cost-effective marketing consultancy that supports professional services firms, worldwide, to get more from their marketing.

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Our Professional Services Marketing Community is a dedicated community for our clients and other professional services marketers who are looking for an exclusive area to share content, views, meet peers and pick their brains! The aim of the group is to create a friendly yet professional environment where members can post real questions and get genuine advice in return. Members are actively encouraged to post and comment on anything from questions and polls to marketing tips, advice and industry news.

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Our rules are simple: be nice. Bring value to the discussions. Be helpful. Encourage and support one another. Highlight trends. Share blogs, reports, case studies and resources. If all you do is show up and drop self-promotion or try to sell, we'll show you the door - after a friendly warning! 

Obviously, if you roll in here with abusive, sexist, racist or otherwise obnoxious language, we'll show you the door straightaway!